Why are Gift Cards Better than Credit or Debit Card or Cash?

Gift Cards Better than Credit or Debit Card

Gift cards and vouchers can enhance the experience of giving gifts on special occasions. From platforms like Crafin, you can choose gift cards from many leading brands and online stores. When you opt for giving gift cards instead of cash, there are several benefits associated with it. They include:

Spread the Joy of Shopping their Favorite Items

Even though gift cards are similar to giving cash, the experience they offer is unique. Here, the person can shop for any item of their choice and would love to share their experience with you.

But, if you offer cash, the person may or may not utilize it to buy products they have always wanted. Through this, you can spread joy and create a close relationship with the person. It is because here, the focus is on creating a beautiful and memorable experience.

Adding Money to the Shopping Wallet

With gift cards, you can add money to your shopping wallet and use them on any product while shopping. Sometimes the person you gift this card might have fallen short of cash to buy a particular item. With the gift card, the person can buy the desired product without any trouble.

Other than that, it makes shopping hassle-free as you can add cash to your Amazon, Flipkart, or the concerned eCommerce wallet. Besides, it makes the checkout process easy too.

Beneficial During Flash Sales

When you have gift cards and have added them to your shopping wallet, it becomes helpful during flash sales. Most online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Zara, Lifestyle, and others conduct these kinds of sales from time to time.

At that time, you have to be quick to ensure that you get the product before its stock is over. It is when gift cards become handy as you can purchase the item instantly. It is because you can redeem the cash from your shopping wallet. Here, you don’t have to enter your debit or credit card details while buying.

Don’t Have to Worry About Providing Card Details

Some of you might find providing bank account details as a road they wish not to travel. It is when gift cards and vouchers come to your rescue. Here, you can shop by redeeming the benefits of gift vouchers that you have received and don’t have to worry about providing your card details.

Besides, it makes shopping much more comfortable as you don’t have to shift through the screen to type in the OTP your bank sends. It is because you are using the shopping wallet, and here, there are no OTPs involved in this process.

Ability to Sell the Cards

Another benefit of gift cards is that you can always sell them on platforms like Crafin. Apart from that, you can also buy different types of cards from leading brands from Crafin. Through this, you can get the cash and use it to purchase another gift card from another brand. Besides, you can use the money for other purposes based on your requirements as well.

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