How to Earn a Free Amazon Gift Card

how to earn amazon gift card

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get Amazon gift cards for free? 

Yes, you can get them as rewards or gifts from your office or friends. But, some of us might not receive gift cards in such a manner. 

If that is the case for you, here, we have collated four unique ways to gain free Amazon Gift cards that you can redeem while shopping to save money. 

So, let’s get right into the discussion with no delays!

Participate in Online Surveys

Yes, you read it right. 

Do you have a couple of free hours with you? 

If so, why not spend it by taking part in online paid surveys?

Different online paid survey platforms like Survey Panelstation , Valued Opinion can furnish you with free Amazon gift cards for completing surveys. Here, you will have to answer questions from the questionnaires to earn these gift cards. 

You can find several credible online survey platforms and applications by performing simple research on the web. 

So, why not participate in surveys in your free time and get some Amazon gift cards you can use to buy your favorite products online?

Make the Best Out of the Amazon Trade-in Program

If the Amazon Trade-in program is available in your region, why not give it a shot? 

Through this, you can gain Amazon gift cards as rewards, which you can redeem while shopping from Amazon. 

If you have an unwanted item listed in the Amazon Trade-in program with you, like tablets, smartphones, or gaming consoles, you can trade them. Here you will have to check their eligibility and ensure that it is the same version as the ones available on Amazon. 

Next, mention the item’s condition and choose a shipping option. You can then ship the item to Amazon. 

Don’t forget to deregister the item from your name after shipping it. 

Once Amazon receives the product, they will review and process it. 

After completing the process, Amazon will facilitate you with a free Amazon gift card.

Try Taking Part in Lucky Draws and Competitions

Amazon conducts different lucky draws on its platform. You can participate in them and try your luck at winning Amazon vouchers or offers. 

Similarly, other online platforms or shopping centers provide Amazon gift cards as rewards for their competitions. Although these are long shots, there is no harm in trying them to gain free Amazon gift cards.

Thus, these are some ways by which you can get a free Amazon gift card. Apart from this, you can always purchase Amazon gift cards at a reduced and reasonable price from platforms like crafin too.

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