Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Gift Cards

How does the discounted gift cards works ?

Buying Gift is same as other online gift card store.Seller lists their gift cards at a discounted price and users buy them.

Are any tax added during checkout ?

No,We don’t charge extra tax for buying gift cards.

Are there any shipping charges ?

No,We don’t charge any extra shipping charge.

How does the gift card delivered ?

The gift card is delivered in your email within 15minutes.

How to apply the coupon code ?

If you have any coupon code or if the product is eligible for any coupon discount You can apply it on the checkout page.

How to get extra cashback ?

If any gift card eligible for cashback you get the cashback after the product purchase in your wallet.

How to use the wallet ?

You can use your wallet to purchase gift cards from our website.You also recharge your wallet from available payment method.

Can I cancel my order ?

You can’t cancel or return the gift card after order placed.

What payment Method available for payment ?

Now only paytm and payumoney is available for payment.

What is the validity ofGift Cards ?

It depends on the seller who sell the gift cards.Basically it is about 6-12 Months.

Selling Gift Cards

How to sell a gift card ?

Sell a gift card by following process:

1.Register at Crafin.Then Edit Your Seller Profile and Update Basic Details & PAYMENT information.

2.There after go to Sell Gift Card section Submit Your Gift Card details.

3.We verify the gift card and pay you within 48 hours

What is the Processing Fee ?

Processing Fee is depends on gift cards.

What is min balance required to a gift card ?

Min balance need 500.

What Payment method available for Payout ?

You can withdraw your payment in BANK TRANSFER

How to change the payout method?

You can change the payout method by going to the seller profile and edit the seller profile.

Can I use the gift card after submit for sell?

No,You Cannot use the gift card after listing on our website.If you want to remove the gift card you can contact us on [email protected]

Is there any minimum value for payout?

No,You can withdraw your money at any amount.